Fitness Crossfit Workout Sand Bags Weighted Strength Training Workout 25 - 50 Lb

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Fitness First Crossfit Workout Sand Bags are the newest way to add a personalized focus to your strength, stability and speed training sessions. Each Sand Bag is made of a heavy-duty durable outer shell with 6 convenient handgrips around the exterior. Sand Bags include 3 or 5 removable filler bags that hold up to 10 lb of sand each. Individual filler bags allow you to fine tune the weight of the Sand Bag by adding or removing the filler bags to increase or decrease intensity. Each filler bag has a double velcro closure to ensure the sand stays put. Sand from your local home center is the ideal filler.

The Fitness First Crossfit Workout Sand Bags allow you to execute countless training exercises that work both the upper and lower body.

The 25 pound capacity Sand Bag has a weight range of 10-30 lbs in 3 filler bags. Perfectly suited for beginner to intermediate muscle building and functional strength training. 17" x 6.5"

The 50 pound capacity Sand Bag has a weight range of 10-50 lbs in 5 filler bags. Suitable for intermediate to advanced strength building exercises or advance power drills. 19" x 8"
  • Available in 25 lb and 50 lb capacities
  • 6 Sand Bag gripping handles that make for multiple workout options
  • Made to handle the roughest and toughest use
  • 10 lb filler bags are 14 in x 7.5 in
  • Sand not included