Martial Arts Belt Display Wall Rack Holder for Karate Taekwondo Belts

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Display your hard-earned karate belts with pride by storing them on an AWMA display wood rack, which gives the appearance of a ladder, starting with a novice belt and reaching your highest attainment at the top. This racks holds up to 10 belts and is easily mounted to a wall for full visibility and efficient storage. Loops for hanging are on the rear of the racks. The belts rest on wooden slats that are 1 7/8 inches wide and are secured with elastic straps. They rest suspended on the rack, neatly folded in a horizontal line. Belts of all sizes are accommodated. The racks are made with fine wood, perfect for showcasing your achievements.

Key Features:

  • Wooden belt display.
  • Holds up to 10 belts
  • Any size belt will fit easily.
  • Mounts easily to a wall.
  • Elastic straps hold belts in place.
  • Belts Not Included.