ProForce Rebreakable Boards

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Just slide together and start breaking. High impact molded plastic allows boards to be broken over and over again. Rubber pad covers both sides and provides a sure grip for the holder. Measures 9" x 12". Each sold separately. Available in Yellow (4/16"), Blue (5/16"), Red (6/16") and Black (10/16"). 

Wooden Board Equivalents: 

- the 4/16" thick Yellow board is the equivalent of a 1/2" wooden board. 

- the 5/16" thick Blue board is the equivalent of a 3/4" wooden board. 

- the 6/16" thick Red board is the equivalent of a 1" wooden board. 

- the 10/16" thick Black board is the equivalent of a 1-3/4" wooden board. 

Key Features 

  • Break over and over. 
  • Foam covered for better grip and less injuries. 
  • Save money buying wood. 
  • Put together for even higher difficulty. 
  • 4 different levels of difficulty.