Sedroc Pro Leg Stretcher Split Machine for Flexibility Stretching

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  • STRETCHING: Great for maintaining and improving your flexibility. Improve flexibility, balance, range of motion and body coordination. 
  • EASE OF USE: Simply take a seat, put your legs on the padded cushions and turn the steering wheel to separate the extension arms. The extension arms separate up to 180 degrees for an optimal stretch.
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Help prevent muscle sprain during sports and training. Strong, soft, stretched muscles can withstand more stress than stiff ones.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Made of premium iron with powder coating for a durable and study machine. Thick foam padding on contact points allow for a safe comfortable stretch. 360 degree casters on extension arms move easily and protect floors from scratches. 330 lb. capacity.
  • ACTIVITIES: Our stretching machine is ideal for martial arts, mma, kickboxing, muay thai, karate, yoga, dancing, general flexibility and more.

Stretching is extremely important before and after exercises and it is very hard to do by your own and normally achieves lower results than expected. Our Leg Stretcher will help you stretch for legs more effectively. All you need to do is take a seat, put your legs comfortably on the padded cushions and turn the steering wheel while the extension arms start to separate. The extension arms can be separated up to 180 degrees. Feel free to read books or play with your smartphone while stretching. Comparing with "violent" stretching, stretching with our machine is much more gentle and it may protect you from injuries. The Sedroc leg stretcher machine is able to exercise adductor brevis, semitendinosus, semimembrane, pectineus, adductor longus, adductor magnus, gracilis. Stretching legs ten minutes a day with this machine will help to achieve the splits.