Sedroc Sports Hip Resistance Circle Bands Glutes Workout Training Exercise Rings

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  • TOP LEVEL RESISTANCE: Sedroc Sports circle bands are suitable for both men and women at any and all fitness levels! These workout bands provide resistance allowing you to work all of the muscles throughout your body. These resistance bands will activate,strengthen and tone your glutes.You can also use these slingshot bands for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms and shoulders, for an ideal resistance level.
  • MANY USESThese bands are the perfect for many exercises such as stretching, warm ups, weight lifting, powerlifting, squatting, pilates, crossfit workouts, yoga, hip abduction & adduction, inner & outer thigh contractions, walking steps, hip bend leg press, hip bend kick backs and many more!
  • WARM-UP: Warm up your hips and legs with the Sedroc resistance band before you start your workout. Warming up is extremely important for a better, stronger and more productive workout. Warming up prevents injury during workouts and helps maximize results. This resistance band can be used during workouts to help maintain form and provide resistance, strengthening, and toning. 
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: This hip band is made of breathable, high-elasticity materials that it will comfortably stay around your legs, without irritating your skin or ripping your leg hairs off. Sedroc Sports circle bands are tested to provide the best quality possible.