Spin Kick Target Pad Mount MMA Martial Arts Training Equipment Karate Taekwondo

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The Spin Kick Target consists of a base that is mounted to a wall or post and a paddle that is spring loaded and attached to the base. The base incorporates two cams and the spring is adjustable for increased tension.

Both parts are constructed of injection molded nylon and the paddle is encased in high density, closed-cell foam with a vinyl cover. The paddle tracks along the base and over the cams, when struck, on a roller constructed of injection-molded delrin, a tough, low friction plastic manufactured by DuPont.

The target is designed to be struck in a horizontal direction, traveling against resistance provided by the spring up and over the cam. Resistance can be increased or decreased with a wing nut, also made from injection molded nylon.

The Spin Kick Target is light weight (2lbs.), yet tough and durable.